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Abby, new office staff

(TRAVERSE CITY Oct. 26, 2011)-----Chiropractic Care Grand Traverse today announced the appointment of Ms. Abigail Angers-Zimmer as Director of Patient Relations for the 20-year-old clinic. A native of Labrador, Ms. Abby previously served as Director of Tenant Relations and Director of Security for a group of rental properties on Pearl Lake while interning at Chiropractic Care in a back office capacity. Mark Zimmer, DC, said that competition for the job was “dog eat dog” but that other candidates for the position were proven to be “barking up the wrong tree” in efforts to win the post. He attributed Ms. Abby’s success to the fact that she has never been caught “laying down on the job” and also has endeared herself to patients, taking a particular interest in those suffering from “arf-ritis” and those with foot afflictions, whose “dawgs” are killing them. Ms. Abby reacted to news of her appointment saying “I could jump for joy.” She quickly added, however, that Dr. Zimmer prohibits such demonstrations of ebullience in his waiting room,. She declined to be interviewed further. “I’m no publicity hound” she sniffed. A resident of Pearl Lake, near Lake Ann, Ms. Abby enjoys hiking, boating and the retrieval of various water-borne objects. She is also avidly (very avidly, some say) interested in all types of cuisine. Her appointment is effective immediately.

I can "Bearly" wait to see Dr. Z ! ! !

Bear waiting to see Dr. Zimmer

Photo courtesy of the Record-Eagle/Keith King.

Traverse City Record-Eagle photographer Keith King caught this shot of a 426-pound black bear "patiently" waiting at the back door of Chiropractic Care Grand Traverse, 620 Second Street, where Dr. Zimmer has treated Traverse City residents for 20+ years. Unfortunately, the bruin was captured before Dr. Z could fit him into his schedule.

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